We believe that there is tremendous opportunity in recycling the ‘end of life cycles’ in a clean and environment friendly way. The current setup for the same in the country is extremely inefficient and causes damage to the environment. With a twin objective of reducing pollution and making our products environment safer, we working on established India’s system aim to set an example of a system with Zero pollution, Zero wastage and zero dependence on engineering.

Waste Plastic to Petroleum

Process to convert waste plastics to petroleum fuels that have ready offtake as drop-in blendstock for industrial diesel. The technology uses a multi-staged thermal process to molecularly crack and re-arrange longer chain hydrocarbons found in plastics to shorter chain hydrocarbons found in petroleum fuels.

E-Waste to Precious Metal

This e-waste is a particularly rich source of precious metals – with concentrations 40 to 50 times more abundant than naturally occurring deposits. There are over 320 tons of gold and greater than 7,500 tons of silver used each year to make new electronic products around the world.

Waste to Energy

Waste-to-energy uses trash as a fuel for generating power, just as other power plants use coal, oil, or natural gas. The burning fuel heats water into steam that drives a turbine to create electricity. The process can reduce a community’s landfill volume by up to 90 percent, and prevent one ton of carbon dioxide release for every ton of waste burned.